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Handyman Calculator app for iPhone

We've been working on the Handyman Calculator app for iPhone for the past six months. Our goal was to create an application that was...

Voltage Divider: A Comprehensive Guide

A voltage divider is a simple yet critical component in the world of electronics. It plays a vital role in dividing the voltage of...

How to Increase Fuel Efficiency of Car

Today, we'll explore how to increase your car's fuel efficiency by understanding the factors that affect fuel consumption, implementing regular maintenance, adopting fuel-saving driving...

Miles Calculator

An object's rotational speed, measured in rotations per minute (RPM), can be converted to a linear speed, miles per hour, by considering the diameter...
To calculate miles per gallon (MPG UK), trip fuel costs, and fuel rate per mile, use our Miles per Gallon Calculator. This MPG calculator...

Voltage Calculator

Voltage Divider Calculator

A voltage divider circuit is a basic circuit that uses a pair of resistors to convert a higher voltage to a lower voltage. With...

Roof Calculator

Roof Pitch Angle Calculator

Roof Pitch Angle Chart

Roof Pitch Angle Chart lets you find out how steep or flat your roof slope is. The roof pitch is displayed or shown using...

Milling Machine Calculator

Horsepower, Torque and RPM Calculator

Horsepower, Torque and RPM Calculator

Calculate RPM from horsepower and torque The formula to calculate Rev. Per Min(RPM) is: RPM = Horsepower * 5252 / torque; With our online Horsepower, Torque &...
Feed Rate & Chip Load calculator

Milling Machine: Feed Rate Calculator

Feed rate refers to the speed at which the cutter is moved across the workpiece. For milling, it is frequently represented in measures of...