How do you convert miles per hour to revolutions per minute

MPH to RPM Calculator

An object’s rotational speed, measured in rotations per minute (RPM), can be converted to a linear speed, miles per hour, by considering the diameter of the circle the object spins around. The bigger the diameter of the circle, the bigger the circumference.

How to calculate the circumference

You need to multiply the diameter in inches by pi, which is approximately 3.14. For example, if a tire is two inches in diameter, then its circumference is 9.42 feet: 3 x 3.14 = 9.42 inches.

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MPH to RPM Formula

Simple formula: convert miles per hour into inches per minute. One mile has 63360 inches and one hour has 60 minutes. Let’s say 152 miles per hour (MPH) and the diameter is 36.4.

152 ÷ 60 = 2.5333 miles per minute
2.5333 * 63360 = 160509.888 inches per minute

Time to calculate the circumference, which we already know is: = diameter * pi

36.4 * 3.14159= 114.353876 circumference (in)

Now simply divide it with circumference value.

RPM = 160509.888 ÷ 114.353876 = 1403.643

MPH to RPM Calculator

You can use our online MPH to RPM calculator to convert miles per hour to revolutions per minute.

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