Oil Drilling Hydraulic Horsepower

Oil Drilling Hydraulic Horsepower

Hydraulic horsepower (HHP) is a measurement of the amount of energy expended per unit of time across the bit nozzles. Hydraulic horsepower is a useful notion for sizing equipment and calculating operating requirements, as well as one of the two main approaches to reducing the pressure drop across bit nozzles.

Hydraulic horsepower formula

Hydraulic horsepower is calculated using the formula: HHP= (P x Q) ÷1714

  • P stands for pressure in pounds per square in (psi).
  • Q stands for flow rate in gallons per minute (gpm) and
  • 1714 is a conversion factor necessary to yield HHP in terms of horsepower.

Fluid hydraulics energy across the bit nozzles should be in a certain HHP range, according to bit manufacturers. For example, an HHP of 2.0 to 7.0 is required to enable proper bit tooth and bottom-of-hole cleaning (the minimum HHP) and to prevent early bit erosion (the maximum HHP).

Hydraulic horsepower calculator

As we already know the formula of the hydraulic horsepower calculator is HHP= (P x Q) ÷1714. Enter the pressure and flow rate in our hydraulic horsepower calculator to find out the final HHP.

This application allows you to calculate Oil Drilling Hydraulic Horsepower for free and offline.

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Example of oil drilling hydraulic horsepower

The output hydraulic horsepower of a rig-pumping system delivering 1500 GPM flow rate at 4500 pressure would be simply: 3938.156

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