Oil Drilling Formation Temperature

Formation Temperature Formula

Let’s start by defining what is formation temperature? One of the most important characteristics in drilling and workover operations is formation temperature, which fluctuates depending on the true vertical depth of the wellbore.

Formation Temperature Formula

The oil drilling formation temperature formula is pretty simple.

Formation Temperature = ambient surface temperature + (true vertical depth * temperature increase)


Ambient surface temperature in F (Fahrenheit)
Temperature increase in F/ft (Fahrenheit / ft)
Formation temperature in F (Fahrenheit)
and true vertical depth in ft

Formation Temperature Calculation

Use our online oil drilling formation temperature calculator to find out the formation temperature. By the way, Our free and offline application can be used to calculate Oil Drilling Formation Temperature formulas.

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Formation Temperature Example

Let’s find out the formation temperature with the help of an example. Suppose these values.

  • Ambient Surf. Temp(°F) =90
  • True Vertical Depth(ft)=12000 and
  • Temp.Increase=0.015

The final formation temperature is 270.0 °F

If you want to find out Annular Velocity, use our Oil Drilling Annular Velocity Calculator.

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