Oil Drilling Buoyancy Factor

Oil Drilling Buoyancy Factor
Buoyancy Factor Calculator. Buoyancy Factor Formula

The Buoyancy Factor is a weight loss compensation factor used to adjust for immersion in drilling fluid.

You would weigh less if you stood on a scale at the bottom of a swimming pool than if you weighed yourself on dry ground. The upward force that keeps things floating is known as buoyancy. The amount of fluid weight displaced by the body volume determines the net upward buoyancy force. When things are immersed in the fluid, this force causes them to become lighter.

Buoyancy Factor Formula

Let’s learn how do you calculate buoyancy weight? Three different units are used to calculate the buoyancy factor.

  • Buoyancy Factor using mud weight in ppg (pounds-per-gallon)

Buoyancy Factor (BF) = (65.5 – mud weight in ppg) ÷ 65.5

The density of steel is 65.5 ppg.

  • Buoyancy Factor using mud weight in lb/ft3 (pounds per cubic foot)

Buoyancy Factor (BF) = (489 – mud weight in lb/ft3) ÷ 489

The density of steel is 489 lb/ft3.

  • Buoyancy Factor using mud weight in kg/l (kilogram per liter)

Buoyancy Factor (BF) = (7.85 – mud weight in kg/l) ÷ 7.85

7.85 kg/l is the density of steel.

Buoyancy Factor Calculator

The buoyancy factor can be calculated in ppg, lb/ft3, and kg/l using our online calculator. We offer a free offline application that allows you to calculate buoyancy factors. Using this application will increase your productivity.

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Buoyancy Factor Example

Let’s assume mud weight in ppg were 60 lbs. BF = 0.084 in ppg

Buoyancy Factor Table

Here is the complete buoyancy factor table.

Buoyancy Factor Table. Buoyancy Factor Calculator

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