Oil Drilling Annular Velocity

Find out what is Oil Drilling Annular Velocity and how to calculate it. The speed at which a fluid moves in the annulus of a well-drilled using circulating drilling fluid is known as annular velocity. The speed is usually expressed in feet per minute (ft/min) or metres per minute (m/min). The abbreviation AV stands for Annular Velocity.

The size of the hole, the size of the drill pipe, and the pump rate are the three key variables that determine annular velocity.

Annular velocity drilling formula

The oil drilling annular velocity formula is pretty simple.

Annular velocity = Pump Output (Flow Rate) ÷ Annular Capacity
Pump Output in bbl/min
Annular capacity in bbl/ft


Annular velocity in ft/min

Oil drilling annular velocity calculator

If you are wondering, How do you calculate annular velocity? Enter the values in our online calculator and get the results. Additionally, you can download our handyman calculator app for iOS and Android devices to calculate any oil drilling formula.

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Annular Velocity Example

Pump Output = 20 bbl/min
Annular capacity = 0.26 bbl/ft
AV = 20 bbl/min ÷ 0.26 bbl/ft
AV = 76.92 ft/min

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