Miles per Gallon (MPG) Calculator

Miles per Gallon (MPG) Calculator

Use our Miles per Gallon (MPG) Calculator to determine miles per gallon (US), trip fuel cost and fuel rate per mile. This miles per gallon calculator is primarily for the United States of America (US).

If you are looking for miles per gallon calculator for the UK, try MPG UK Calculator.

Calculate Your Own Driving Costs

Begin by calculating your per-mile gas expense. You’ll need to keep note of your fuelling habits for a year to do this. Then, when your gas tank is full, record the distance travelled on your odometer. Then, each time you fill up, keep track of how many gallons you used, how much you paid, and how many miles you drove. These figures will be used to compute your average miles per gallon and gas cost per mile.

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Miles Per Gallon (MPG) Calculator

Enter miles driven, Gallons (US) used and Cost per gallon (US) price. We have an offline app that calculates Miles per Gallon and other such formulas. It is free to download.

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Calculate Miles Per Gallon For A Trip

Assume you travelled 867 miles and consumed 37.6 gallons of gas. The price per gallon is 3.554 $. Miles per gallons(US): 23.06, trip fuel cost: 133.63 and fuel rate: 0.15/mile.

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