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Milling Machine: Feed Rate Calculator

Feed Rate & Chip Load calculator

Feed rate refers to the speed at which the cutter is moved across the workpiece. For milling, it is frequently represented in measures of distance per time (usually inches per minute (IPM) or millimetres per minute), with considerations of how many flutes the cutter has subsequently decided what that implies for each flute.

The chip load refers to how much material each cutting edge removes during a cut. This is important data that may be utilised to compute new setups.

Milling machine feed rate formula

Milling machine feed rate formula is Spindle speed (RPM) * Chip load per teeth * Number of teeth.

Milling machine feed rate calculator

The feed rate may be calculated using our online Feed Rate & Chip Load calculator.

Using our official app, you can calculate Feed Rate Calculator. Additionally, there are several other calculators in the app.

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