Concrete Curb and Gutter Calculator

Handyman Concrete curb and gutter calculator helps you calculate Total cubic yards; Pre-mix 80lb, 60lb, and 40lb bags. The total cost can also be estimated.

How Do you Calculate Concrete for Curb and Gutter

This can be easily calculated by entering the value of the flag thickness, gutter width, curb height, total length, and additional wastage. If you want to estimate the total cost, add the price per cubic yard. We are calculating cost per cubic yard, you can use cost per foot or in any needed unit.

This free and offline application can be used to calculate the Concrete Curb and Gutter. Numerous other calculators are also available.

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Curb and Gutter Concrete Calculator Formula

totalCubicYards = (length *(flagThickness /12 *(gutterWidth / 12 + curbHeight / 12)) +length * (curbHeight / 12 * curbHeight / 12)) * 0.037037;

totalCubicYards = totalCubicYards + (additionalWastage * totalCubicYards) / 100;

Curb and Gutter Detail Example

To calculate the total yards, let’s assume flag thickness is 20 inches, gutter width 10 inches, curb height 20 inches, length 200 feet and additional wastage is 10%.

Put the values in above given formula and result will be 56.584 cubic yards.

Because measurements are frequently incorrect due to surface ground elevation, we strongly advise ordering a little extra. A good rule of thumb is to add 4% to 10% as additional waste.

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